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Strong Roots Nebraska: A Christmas Present for the Bottom Bracket

December 17, 2014

Savings and economic opportunities from the Strong Roots Nebraska tax reform plan would help make the Christmas season, and all seasons, bright for average Nebraska families.

Strong Roots Nebraska: Questions and Answers about Tax Relief

December 10, 2014

The Strong Roots Nebraska tax reform plan has been endorsed by the Tax Foundation. Get the answers to common questions people have about our tax plan.

Strong Roots Nebraska: A Stable Platform for Growth

December 08, 2014

The Tax Foundation, the country's most respected tax research organization, has endorsed the Strong Roots Nebraska tax reform plan. Learn how the Strong Roots Nebraska plan works to gradually lower taxes while protecting education funding, and how it compares to other tax reform proposals.

Taxation and Incentives for Growth

December 04, 2014

Are tax incentives an economic advantage, or a band-aid over Nebraska's tax disadvantages?

Thankful for the Good Life in Nebraska

November 20, 2014

Out-migration is keeping more native Nebraska families apart this Thanksgiving. Better tax policy can help grow the Good Life from generation to generation.

Voters Pick Reform Candidates Over Defenders of Educational Status Quo

November 13, 2014

Teachers unions threw the book at legislative candidates supporting education reforms for Nebraska. But it didn't work.

The Freedom to Thrive: Taxation and Economic Growth

November 06, 2014

A new class of legislators will be coming to Lincoln. Which examples can they follow to deliver on their promises of tax relief and a growing Nebraska?

No Time Like the Present: An Opportunity for Nebraska

October 31, 2014

Nebraska's tax system and long-term economic outlook has been consistently rated as less attractive than the majority of states - especially against our immediate neighbors. What can we do to become a leader for economic opportunity?

Property Taxes in Nebraska: Past, Present, and Future

October 29, 2014

The direct and indirect cost of the property tax on Nebraska's families and businesses makes it easily the state's most dreaded tax. Why are property taxes such a substantial part of our tax system? What options do we have to provide relief and still protect the services that we all consider part of the Good Life?

The Tiff Over TIF in Nebraska

October 22, 2014

Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, can be a legitimate tool for dire community development needs. But policymakers need to be cautious of the practice creating conflicts of interest or being used to pick winners and losers in business.

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