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News Release: Nursing, Audiology Licensing Reforms Approved Unanimously

April 24, 2017

LB88e, an occupational licensing reform bill, was approved unanimously in the Legislature.

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News Release: 2017's First Occupational Licensing Reform Becomes Law

March 29, 2017

Jim Vokal's Statement on the Passage on LB341 as part of LB140e.

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Federal Trade Commission Says Red Tape in Nebraska Hurts the Economically Disadvantaged Most

March 22, 2017 | by Adam Weinberg

Read the Federal Trade Commission's comments on occupational licensing reform in Nebraska.

News Release: Fed. Trade Commission Says Licensing is a "State-Created Barrier" to Jobs

March 20, 2017

The independent federal agency responsible for protecting an open marketplace for U.S. consumers says occupational licensing imposes “state-created barriers” to jobs.

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It’s Legislative Halftime, How Are Nebraska’s Senators Doing?

March 15, 2017 | by Adam Weinberg

What can Nebraskans expect for the second half of the legislative session?

News Release: Jim Vokal's Statement on LB343

March 13, 2017

Jim Vokal's statement on LB343 in the 2017 legislative session.

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LB345 - Eliminate an experience requirement for abstracters

March 06, 2017

Our testimony in support of LB345.

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LB 343 - Change credentialing and regulation of cosmetology, nail technology, audiology, massage therapy, and barbers

March 01, 2017

Our supportive testimony for LB343, the most comprehensive of Gov. Ricketts' occupational licensing reforms.

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LB 344 - Change credentialing and regulation of mental health substance abuse centers

March 01, 2017

Our legislative testimony on LB344.

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These Nebraskans Support Occupational Licensing Reform

March 01, 2017

Meet just a few of the Nebraskans impacted by occupational licensing barriers.

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