Jim Vokal Invites You to Join Gov. Pete Ricketts for a Telephone Town Hall

For the first time in years, the Nebraska Legislature's Revenue Committee is stepping up to the plate with a comprehensive vision for tax reform. Nebraskans will finally get the full debate they deserve with the LB461 plan to rein in high property and income taxes on families and businesses across our state.

The first round of debate on LB461 will likely begin next week. That means there's no time to lose equipping Nebraskans with the facts about the need for serious tax reform in our state and sharing this need with members of the Nebraska Legislature.

To get the word out, I'm holding a Tax Relief Telephone Town Hall tomorrow night featuring Gov. Pete Ricketts and Jared Walczak of the Tax Foundation, and I'd like for you to join us. 

To participate, just call (402) 257-0975 at 7pm CT/6 MT on Wednesday, April 12. To ask questions during the program, press the * button.

As the nation's leading independent tax research organization, the Tax Foundation has been a great resource as Nebraska considered tax reforms, and Gov. Ricketts and the Revenue Committee followed through with a plan that aligns with many of their recommendations.

But even with the facts on our side, there's no shortage of interest groups against LB461. They insincerely claim that it doesn't do enough. Isn't it amazing when the same people who were just trying to raise your taxes can turn on a dime to say you should be mad you won't get a bigger tax cut?

These groups will even claim they haven't heard anyone asking for the reforms in LB461. 

But I've watched and listened carefully over the years as people came to the Revenue Committee humbly seeking tax relief. Anybody who says this bill doesn't responsibly address major concerns they've shared either hasn't been listening, or only listens to those who support higher-tax policies in the Legislature.
  • Farmers and ranchers have been asking for our state to assess their land based on use-value for a long time now.
  • Small businesses, retirees, and professionals have been asking for relief from Nebraska's high income taxes for the last couple decades and have been largely ignored.
  • Advocates for low-income families have repeatedly proposed to expand Nebraska's Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • And major companies have been trying to tell us they wouldn't be asking for so many incentives if we finally did something about our high corporate tax rate.
LB461 does all of this. Frankly, it's hard to remember a time when any Revenue Committee put forward a plan that did so much for so many Nebraskans. 

But that story won't get told in your community, in the media, or in the Legislature without people like you and me getting out there and sharing this message. I hope you'll join me with Gov. Ricketts and Jared Walczak tomorrow to learn more about how we can grow Nebraska with responsible tax reform.

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Posted by: Jim Vokal

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