Medicaid-An Unsustainable Future

On August 17-18, the Platte Institute hosted Dr. Clare Gray, founder of Physicians for Reform, to present our recent policy study, "The Real Need for Medicaid Reform." Dr. Gray discussed the real impact of Medicaid on Nebraska's budget, the dangers of ObamaCare's expansion and the opportunities for reform.

Dr. C. L. Gray is a nationally known writer, speaker, and board certified physician practicing hospital-based
medicine in western North Carolina. In 2006, he founded Physicians for Reform, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving fiscally responsible, patient-centered healthcare. Gray's current book, The Battle for America's Soul, resulted from a decade spent in research and analysis of the history and philosophy of medical ethics. His book presents findings that link America's present cultural divide with the practice of Post-Hippocratic medicine.




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