Regulatory Reform

Home Baking Law Gives Rise to New Cottage Businesses

May 13, 2019 | by Adam Weinberg

Meet five cottage food producers from different corners of Nebraska, who are now able to open their food-selling businesses:

Facebook Friday: Debate Begins on LB289

May 10, 2019

Full legislative debate on property tax reform has started, but senators are short on time, and barriers to a compromise remain high.

Facebook Friday: Tax Reform Debate Preview

May 03, 2019

Legislative debate on the Revenue Committee's proposed property tax plan begins Tuesday.

News Release: Statements on Approval of LB304 and LB445

April 29, 2019

LB304 and LB445 were approved by the Nebraska Legislature today.

Medieval Guilds and Modern Occupational Licensing

April 16, 2019 | by Laura Ebke

The goal of policymakers should be the protection of the public from well-defined harm, not the protection of guild-like occupational structures.

Drive to Succeed: Transportation Law Shuts Out Competition

April 09, 2019 | by Adam Weinberg

A state law allows transportation companies to prevent newcomers from competing with them. Marc Nda would like to change that.

News Release: Legislative Bill Tracking for April 8

April 08, 2019

LB445 and LB304 appear on this week's agenda in the Unicameral. 

Facebook Live: March Legislative Highlights

March 29, 2019

Even in these difficult times for Nebraska, state senators advanced numerous bills to remove barriers to opportunity. Plus, Laura Ebke is on the road promoting the Nebraska model of job licensing reform in other states.

Legislative Testimony and Bill Tracking for March 27

March 27, 2019

The Health and Human Services Committee will hear LB244, and the Agriculture Committee has advanced LB304. 

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