Legislative Testimony for LB454: Eliminate a high school diploma or equivalent requirement for real estate license

Good afternoon Chairman Williams and members of the Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee.  My name is Nicole Fox, and I am Director of Government Relations at the Platte Institute.  I am here today to testify in support of LB454 introduced by Sen. Clements.


LB454 proposes striking the requirement that a person seeking licensing as a real estate salesperson or broker be a high school graduate or a holder of a certificate of high school equivalency, also known as a GED. 


As a result of how current statute stands, homeschool graduates in our state have been denied licensing by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission and have needed to obtain a GED in order to overcome this denial. 


The time and money required to obtain a GED results in delayed entry into the workforce and loss of potential income. 


Homeschool diplomas are accepted by most colleges and universities across the country, so it only makes sense that individuals with homeschool diplomas who have completed all other real estate specific coursework approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission be eligible for licensing as a real estate salesperson or broker.


The Platte Institute thanks Sen. Clements for listening to the needs of his constituents, recognizing this current job barrier and sponsoring LB454 so that those who have received their education through homeschooling can enter the real estate profession more readily.


I ask the committee to vote to move LB454 to General File.  Thank you for the opportunity to testify today, and I’m happy to take any questions the committee may have.


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