May 20 Webinar: National Experts on Post-COVID Regulatory Reforms

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May 20 Webinar: Post-Pandemic Licensing & Regulatory Reform
National Experts on Regulation Join Laura Ebke, Nicole Fox

OMAHA, NE — Dr. Ed Timmons, Director of the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation at Saint Francis University, and Dr. Matt Mitchell, Senior Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, are the guests on the next Platte Institute Webinar.  

The webinar, "Post-Pandemic Licensing & Regulatory Reform" will discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the way policymakers look at job licensing and health care regulation. The discussion will be co-hosted by Platte Institute Senior Fellow Laura Ebke and Director of Government Relations Nicole Fox, both former state senators who focused on job licensing reform legislation in the Unicameral.


During the emergency, many states including Nebraska have issued temporary executive orders providing for recognition of out of state health care licensing, or reactivation of licensing for former practitioners. States including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and neighboring Missouri, have recently passed legislation adopting Universal Recognition of licensing for a wide range of professions.

The webinar will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 11 a.m. Central Time. Registration for this webinar is required on the Platte Institute events page. A flyer with webinar information is attached.

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