News Release: Jim Vokal's Statement of First Round Debate on LB461 Tax Reform

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Statement by Jim Vokal on Floor Debate on LB461 Comprehensive Tax Reform

LINCOLN, NE (April 21, 2017) – This is the statement of Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal on the first round of debate on LB461:

“First, I’d like to thank Sen. Jim Smith and the Revenue Committee for their leadership in bringing together urban and rural state senators in support of LB461. Today’s first round of debate on LB461 made for an historic day. For the first time in years, Nebraskans saw floor debate on a bill that would responsibly address their concerns with high taxes in our state. The clear majority in the Nebraska Legislature expressed an understanding today that voters expect tax relief and reform in this legislative session; that it’s the reason voters sent them to Lincoln this year,” said Vokal.

“Everything that the Legislature needs to have success with tax reform is within their grasp in LB461. But some elected officials, even some who campaigned on supporting legislation like LB461, will always find a reason to oppose tax reform. Just as tax reform was delayed in the Revenue Committee for years by a small group, now a small group hopes to filibuster the bill. Beating this filibuster over the next 20 legislative days will require Nebraskans to remind their senators who’s really paying the bills in the Legislature. I encourage all Nebraska taxpayers to contact their state senators and let them know they will be watching for which members are truly working to remove the high-tax barriers facing their families and businesses. Let's come together to find the right solution to move past cloture and advance the needed tax reform taxpayers have expected,” said Vokal.

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