News Release: Statement by Jim Vokal on Proposed Revenue Committee Property Tax Package

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Statement: Jim Vokal on the Revenue Committee Property Tax Proposal 

This is a statement by Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal on the proposed amendment to LB289:

“There’s no reason for the Revenue Committee to be considering so many tax increases on Nebraskans while most of the purchases made in our state remain completely exempt from state and local sales tax. It’s not right for sales taxes on utility bills to rise by more than 13% while an enormous amount of services continue to be purchased tax-free.

“Real tax reform is undoubtedly hard work, and many different lobby groups are exerting pressure on senators to exclude them from this package, but LB289 falls far short of the Revenue Committee’s capabilities. If the committee advances this bill, it will be up to the full Legislature to insist on replacing these harmful tax rate increases with the elimination of more sales tax exemptions. In this Legislature, that is the only way to deliver major, sustainable property tax reform without raising the tax rates Nebraskans pay,” said Vokal.

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